Possible New Treatment for Diabetes and Obesity

Amlexanox is a drug that is currently used to treat asthma and canker sores and it looks like a side effect may be the reversal of obesity and diabetes. Sadly enough, the results have only been seen in lab rats and has not reached the human testing level.

Aside from those who want to fit into the clothes they wore in high school, this could be real breakthrough for those whose lives are in danger due to obesity.

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What kind of individual would do this to a small child? From other articles, it appears the child may have been abused by someone else, most likely a family member, and when the father found out, he took matters into his own hands. Being that he tortured and raped the child. Sick. Sick. Sick.

Famine in North Korea – Fathers Resorting to Cannibalism

We have known for sometime that North Korea is not doing well. Now it appears that the famine has gotten so bad that fathers are have resorted to eating their children. Is it madness? Is it to selfishly save themselves? Or are they trying to spare their children? Questions that cannot easily been answered.


Thoughts anyone?

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Fellatio and Breast Cancer? I think not.

Does fellatio really prevent breast cancer? Well, men certainly wish it were true.


Fake web page to look like CNN/Health.

Microsoft Second Quarter Earnings?

Microsoft Second Quarter Earnings?

Is Microsoft in financial trouble? Earnings seem to show a possibility!

Victim 6 sues Jerry Sandusky, Penn State and The Second Mile in federal court

Is Sandusky’s tickle monster costing him?