What kind of individual would do this to a small child? From other articles, it appears the child may have been abused by someone else, most likely a family member, and when the father found out, he took matters into his own hands. Being that he tortured and raped the child. Sick. Sick. Sick.

The Muslim Issue

Arab translation reveal horrid details of the murder of a child by vicious killer and torturer, TV-celebrity and Arab Sheikh Fayhan al-Ghamdi. His daughter had been beaten, burnt, her back and ribs broken,  finger nails pulled out, her head cracked, and she had been brutally raped “everywhere” by her father both physically and with a cane. The rape was so brutal that her rectum split open and her father then tried to close it up by burning it. In Shariah a husband or father cannot be executed or duly punished for murdering his wife or children.
Sexual assault on children is extremely common in Muslim societies. The numbers are so staggering it would shock even the most notorious criminal. The father claim ‘medical reports’ proved the child was ‘not a virgin’. It is quite possible that the child had already been assaulted by a family member or relative since incest…

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