New Keyboard for Future Smartphones

Large screen, thin, and lightweight are what people want from their smartphones nowadays. But there are few individuals out there who just cannot let go of their keyboard phones. I had someone the other day tell me how slow and small their phone was and how they were excited to get a new one, but they had to wait until the *Motorola Droid 5 came out because they could not live without their keyboard. They just had to have a touchable keyboard. At the current moment there are only about two or three ‘new’ smartphones out on the market with physical QWERTY keyboards and those phones are nothing to be excited about.

Perhaps this new technology will change the way we all look at our smartphones.

*Note* The Droid 5 is not even in the works yet, if at all.

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RPG games – How it Really is.

Dogs vs Cats

Famine in North Korea – Fathers Resorting to Cannibalism

We have known for sometime that North Korea is not doing well. Now it appears that the famine has gotten so bad that fathers are have resorted to eating their children. Is it madness? Is it to selfishly save themselves? Or are they trying to spare their children? Questions that cannot easily been answered.


Thoughts anyone?

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Captain Jack Sparrow

Ex-Governor Staring at your Kids?

Constantine the Great was the first Roman Emperor to convert to Christianity

Did you know that Constantine the Great was the first Roman Emperor to convert to Christianity? He needed a single canon to be agreed upon by the Christian leaders to help him unify the remains of the Empire. Until then, the Christian leaders couldn’t decide which books should be considered “holy” and thus “the word of god” and which ones would be excluded and not considered the “word of god”.

He offered the various Church leaders money to agree upon a single canon that would be used by all Christians as the word of God. The Church leaders gathered together at the Council of Nicaea and voted the “word of God” into existence. Constantine ordered and financed 50 parchment copies of the new “holy scriptures.” It seems with the financial element added to the picture, the Church fathers were able to overcome their differences and finally agree which “holy” books would stay and which would go.

King James commissioned a new translation in the 1600’s. The original was written in the Greek of the 1st century: a dialect that no longer exists in spoken form. There were, and still are, no original texts to translate. The oldest manuscripts were written down hundreds of years after the last apostle died. Much later in fact. Mark was the first written, and the other three (Matthew, Luke, and John) are clearly derived from Mark. Mark mentions the destruction of the Jewish Temple, which happened in the year 70 A.D., proving the originals were all written later than that, based on oral tradition of an even nearly a century old. There are thousands of these old manuscripts, with no two alike. They didn’t use them anyway… they edited previous translations to create a version their king and Parliament would approve.

Basically, 21st Century Christians believe the “Word of God” is a book edited in the 17th century with political bias from 16th century translations of thousands of contradictory copies of 4th Century scrolls that claim to be copies of lost letters written in the 1st Century. No wonder they ask you to accept everything on blind faith.


Author: Cronyx

Dr. Who is the Messiah

Child of the 90s

Even though this is an ad for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, the video is very reminiscent of all things we had in the 90s.


Fellatio and Breast Cancer? I think not.

Does fellatio really prevent breast cancer? Well, men certainly wish it were true.


Fake web page to look like CNN/Health.