A Robot Suit to Aid the Physically Challenged and Elderly

The advances in technology are truly amazing. Researchers and designers in Japan have come out with a”robot suit” to help those who have  difficulties moving. Recently the suit was given a global safety certificate in Japan which means that it is one step closer to worldwide distribution.

“The Hybrid Assistive Limb, or HAL, is a power-assisted pair of legs developed by Japanese robot maker Cyberdyne, which has also developed similar robot arms.”

The suit is a combination of metal and plastic that detects muscle impulses that will anticipate the body movements of the user.  Currently the suit is being leased in areas near Tokyo.


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**Note the name of the company is Cyberdyne. Makes one thing of Terminator, “I’ll be back” as Arnold said in the movie. Second note, the name of the robot is “HAL” not to be confused with HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

New Keyboard for Future Smartphones

Large screen, thin, and lightweight are what people want from their smartphones nowadays. But there are few individuals out there who just cannot let go of their keyboard phones. I had someone the other day tell me how slow and small their phone was and how they were excited to get a new one, but they had to wait until the *Motorola Droid 5 came out because they could not live without their keyboard. They just had to have a touchable keyboard. At the current moment there are only about two or three ‘new’ smartphones out on the market with physical QWERTY keyboards and those phones are nothing to be excited about.

Perhaps this new technology will change the way we all look at our smartphones.

*Note* The Droid 5 is not even in the works yet, if at all.

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Tractor Beam on the Horizon

An amazing story – tractor beams are becoming a reality.

It seems strange to realize that science fiction is finally becoming reality. We see the constant change, the ebb and flow of technology, but it still comes as quite a surprise to see it come to fruition.

Tractor Beam